Utilizing video marketing strategy to promote brands and businesses has gained plenty of steam during the past few years.

The internet is getting closer everyday to all video source of information and this comes with a bunch of benefits that if taken advantage of, can place any business right in front of millions of ready customers.

Here are four tips that African businesses can make use of to boost the effectiveness of their video marketing strategies.

Make use of Analytic tools

As the saying goes, when you set off on a journey, you should know your destination in order to know when you get there.   

Same is true with analytics. These are tools embedded in online platforms that help you to understand with the use of graphs, images and data, the growth and impact of every video and content you produce.

With the use of analytics you have quantifiable data about who your audience is, what they like, and what kind of content you should be producing for them.

Video analytics help your business to track the progress made by your videos, minute by minute and view by view. With analytics, you have the possibility to

Understand who your clients are and what they want.

This helps you tailor your offerings to provide solutions to the real problems they face.
All major video hosting platforms like YouTube, Vimeo etc. have free analytic tools built in them.
Businesses also have the possibility of getting analytic tools from their website hosting providers.  Analytics provide business owners with invaluable knowledge that were only assumptions before.

Offer real Value!

Most successful people will tell you; “the secret to getting more is giving more!”

It is a well-known concept but for some reason, we tend to ignore it.

Just as business is all about problem solving, video marketing is equally about providing real value.

The value delivered to your audience or clients in your videos is the reason why they would; click, like, engage, share, subscribe and come back for more.

By maintaining the value, quality and consistency of your videos, you establish yourself as an authority within your field of interest.
This way potential customers trust you and are more likely to buy your product or use your service.


Push-out relevant content!

Provide enough relevant content in a particular field and you will soon gain the status of an authority.

Relevant content is content produced for a specific target population to help, educate and enlighten that audience.

This means that every marketing video you produce should be aimed at a particular audience. The more valuable content you produce on a particular topic, the more people come to you to get help on that particular topic and the more you strengthen your authority in this domain.
This way, when you offer a product or service in this field, your audience will be willing to buy because they have developed trust for your brand over a period of time.

Use the appropriate video art that best tells your story

Every business is unique and the content produced for each business is therefore quite different.

In an attempt to follow current video marketing trends, businesses forget to invest time in researching the video options available to them and which types of videos work best for them.

Videos are appreciated primarily for the engagement, versatility and authenticity it offers to users.


A video marketer has the following video types as options to choose from, depending on the context of his or her business

Product or Service Explainer videos: These videos are perfect for explaining a business idea, service or product in a simple, engaging and compelling way. They are ideal for startup companies and companies with a brand new product or service.

Business Presentation videos: These videos are used to present a company or brand to its clients, customers and target audience. Orange Cameroon often makes use of this type of video.


Testimonial Videos: These are videos that capture the testimony of happy and satisfied customers. These videos work best when shot with a good quality camera and done a location that your audience can identify with. Not necessarily at your business premises.
These videos help to build trust among your customers. It serves a proof that other people have tried your product and they have had a great experience.

Advertising: Good ole video advertising has been around for ages and will still be here for a long time to come. This is because it just works!

Advertising videos are videos that tell your customers how they will benefit from consuming your product or service. It sets your business apart from your competition and if well done, establishes you as an authority in your field.


A business can also make use of all the above mentioned videos at the same time. The essential is to make sure that the video aligns with your business objectives.

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