“98 percent of marketers love video marketing. Yeah, we don’t understand that remaining two percent, either.”

In the eyes of the consumer, your video is a reflection of your brand. Therefore every mistake you make in your video gives the wrong message about your business.

Over the years, we have noticed some mistakes made by many brands in their video marketing campaigns that have had quite a disastrous impact on their business. Being aware of these mistake can help you avoid them and secure success for your brand.

As relate to you those mistakes that only lead to video marketing failure, we will equally share with you how to avoid them.


1.  Produce video without a strategy.

Many a time companies witness failure in their video marketing strategy because they fail to plan.

Like any other form of marketing, video marketing requires thorough planning and strategizing for success.

Before producing any video, it is important that the strategy behind it answers the following:

  • What are the objectives of the video?
  • What are the quantifiable goals to achieve with this video?
  • How is the video compatible with our branding?

Providing answers to these question are going to help you build a strategy that will guide the production and marketing of your videos, thus assuring desired success to your video marketing strategy.


2.  Do not use your video to improve on your businesses SEO.

An amazing video that does not convert is just as good as no video at all!

Search Engine Optimization should be one of the major reasons why you produce a video.

The three major specs of SEO for video are:

  • Ranking, traffic and conversions
  • Brand impressions and popularity
  • Links

Sharing your videos on one platform is not enough anymore. It will barely generate the miracle change you want to see for your business. This is why we encourage every marketer to make use of the appropriate video SEO techniques to leverage remarkable change for their business.

Making use of SEO for your videos will transform your business from disastrous and woozy situation to highly astonishing and profitable.


3.   Produce a video without making use of correct copy-writing.

You would surely wonder; “why copy-writing when we are talking about video?”

This is because not making use of copy-writing

in producing and distributing your video is a no-lie formula to video marketing failure.

Good copy-writing as Daragh Walsh would say; “has to pull attention, create interest and desire in the minds of your target audience and push them to take action.”

For this, you need to make sure that:

  • Your video appeals to your buyer persona.
  • Your video solves a problem or provides the source to a solution your audience.
  • Make sure your video communicates the transformation you want to bring.
  • Your video carries a couple of compelling CTAs.

The goal of copy-writing is selling! Making use of copy-writing techniques ensures that your video will bring home quick and easy sales.

On the other hand, producing a video with the intention of making sales, yet neglecting copy-writing will only help you achieve NOT the expected results.


4.  Choose the wrong producing company.

Do you want your video marketing strategy to go down the drain? Here is what to do; choose the wrong producing company!

By choosing the wrong producing company, you make your marketing strategy and planning null and void.

This is because the skills and competence of the producing company you choose to work with determines the final outcome of your video.

Here are salient points of a video:

  • The quality of the animations
  • The quality of the images
  • The music
  • The message and voice over

These aspects are vital because they are what your audience sees and retains.

Therefore an incompetent video producing company will destroy your company’s marketing efforts by producing videos that will incompatible with your video marketing strategy.

At MotionFountain for instance, clients are assisted through the planning process, in order to ensure that the video delivered at the end would be an exact representation of all the genius strategy behind it. This assures the clients that the video will allow them achieve their marketing goals.


5.  Choose the wrong video art

This is just as critical as the choice of the right producing company.

The style of your video determines how your audience perceives your brand. Remember; “In the eyes of the consumer, your video is a reflection of your brand.”

Moreover, the style used for your video affects the understanding of your product or service by your target audience. It is for this reason, that we often encourage companies with a product or service that is new or difficult to understand to choose animations for their explainer videos.

In addition to this, the purpose of your video selects the style that would be most appropriate for it.

For instance:

  • To explain a difficult product or service| Animated Explainer Video
  • To connect with your customers| Testimonial video
  • To create engagement between your brand and audience| Business presentation video
  • Industrial Training videos| Animated videos

This is just to list a few…

By choosing the appropriate style for a video, you ensure that your brand’s marketing goals are attained.


6.  Do not be creative and innovative.

It is goes without saying that a flat and boring video can only guarantee flop.

It is for this reason that brands need to express their creativity in the videos they produce. A video that has an effect of surprise sparks up the buyer’s curiosity.

Therefore, if the intention of a marketer is to make his brand’s video go unnoticed, the best to do is ditch creativity and innovation.


7.   Make your video to be only about what you are selling.

This is certainly something your audience would love, isn’t it?! Well, we doubt!

But if your intention is to scare your audience away with flat, boring and sell-ish videos, then you can go ahead and do just that.

On the other hand, if your intention is to appear as a solution provider to your buyer persona with a unique selling proposition while connecting and engaging with them with your video, then forget about “selling” and focus on providing value and solutions.

This will be more convincing and will generate remarkable engagements, conversions and sales.


“Video allows you to tell the great stories of your customers, rather than your own.”

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