Who we are

At Motion Fountain, we believe that African technology companies are as valuable and impactful as any other technology companies around the world.

Our goal, therefore, is to demonstrate to the world how innovative African tech companies are changing the lives of ordinary people for the better every day.

We accomplish this by producing beautifully animated videos that clarify products, explain services and help pitch new ideas.

Our story is first-hand proof of our belief that Africans too can do outstanding work if we decide to trust in ourselves.

Meet the team

Collins Epey

Founder / Motion Designer

Bermond Yange

Creative Lead

Leonard Ngu

Creative Lead

Nopoudem Passy


Mukah Ispahani

Illustrator / Sketch Artist

Conrald Oben


Meli Cedric


Creative Video Marketers

In addition to our expert creative abilities, we also bring in a keen eye for marketing.
We produce videos that serve our clients specific marketing needs.

Our Services

Explainer videos: An explainer video is an animated video that focuses on explaining a business idea in a simple, engaging and compelling way, by using a clear and concise language with appealing and attractive visuals that quickly grab the viewer’s attention.

Product demo videos: A product demo video is a visual proof which shows your audience your product’s practical functions. It also acts as a sales pitch enhancer and serves as a point of interaction between your product and its end-user.

Corporate social responsibility videos: Corporate social responsibility videos are a simple way for your brand to show its responsibility its social and environmental business milieu.

Sensitization videos: This is ideal to impact, influence, create awareness and make your audience responsive and engaged in a cause your brand defends.

Project presentation videos: Project presentation videos are best to present your solution or opportunity in a simple, engaging and compelling way, to easily convince and engage your audience with your project.

Commercial Videos: Commercial videos promote your brand and push it out to an audience to raise awareness, acquire new leads and customers, nurture existing ones and increase conversions and sales.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should my video have in it?

Every good animated video follows a particular pattern or structure to ensure its success.  Here is what you should include in your video:

  • An introduction which states the problem you want to solve.
  • The body; which describes the solution you provide
  • A hook; to convince
  • Lastly, a call to action for your audience.

Check out the article The Ultimate Guide To Write A Script That Converts For Your Animated Corporate Video to have all the details concerning this.

How can I evaluate the success of video marketing for my brand?

We understand the pertinence of this question. It is for this reason that this topic will be discussed in our next article. An infographic illustrating this will be sent you via mail. We would you to take part in it.

Will an animated video suit my business model?

Video marketing is broad and explainer video is only an aspect of it. However, explainer videos have the possibility to suit all the different types of business models, provided they are designed to match with the marketing strategy of your brand. There are so many successful African companies that are making use of this tool in their marketing strategies today. While reading more about 3 Reasons why successful African companies use explainer videos, feel free to contact us for more details about this.

Will my audience connect to a communication message made in anime?

Yes. Animated videos have a strong impact on every niche. These videos capture the viewers’ attention, create a sense of identification, give a touch of humor to your message, and they make your message memorable and easy to assimilate. And as this results in an increase in sales, be sure that they work!

What are the best uses of explainer videos?

Explainer videos are ideal for all forms of corporate communications. This ranges from; product or service explainer, internal company communication, email marketing, business presentation, testimonials, advertising and many more. The list is long and will be discussed in details in one of our next articles.

Is it certain that animated videos will increase my traffic and sales?

As compared to other forms of video communication means, explainers video has the highest conversation rate (20% as proven by Unbounce). Explainer videos grasp more attention and create strong credibility through direct impacts on the audience. These videos keep your visitors on your site for a longer period of time and this can only go a long way to increase your website traffic, conversations, and sales. This is one of the reasons why successful African companies use explainer videos.

Do you produce videos for entertainment?

Entertainment is part of our animated corporate videos.

Do you offer live footage?

Yes, we produce live footage videos, at the request of our clients. Is that what you would like us to do for you?

Do you offer discount ?

Yes we do. Find out how!

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