Motionfountain is the animation and video production arm of the colorfluid group.

At motioinfountain, we are strong advocates of the saying that information is power.

In an ideal world, all businesses and individuals will know and understand all the options available to them which are necessary in building their business or improving their personal lifestyles. This is rarely the case in the real world and lots of businesses struggle with inefficient processes, outdated technology or lock of knowledge on how to grow their businesses faster while at the same time, innovators with new solutions and revolutionary ideas are having a hard time finding, connecting and communicating with those whose businesses will benefit tremendously from using these new solutions.

In this light, motionfountain seeks to work with startups, small and medium size businesses, not for profit organizations, educational institutions, large established businesses and individuals. We break down your technical and complex messages of usability, features, functionality, value and we create messages that are simple, easy to understand, fun to consume and are sticky to the memory of the viewers. We help prospective customers understand exactly what benefits they derive when they consume any particular product or service. We also help them understand how they can use your product or service irrespective of how technically complicated the product usage process may be. In a nutshell, facilitate communication between producer and consumer and therefore help to enhance the overall experience of the consumer. We accomplish this with the use of animated and live action videos that are easy to understand, fun to watch and effectively cause the customer to take the next action.

Our team is composed of a group of young, talented and highly motivated design and communication professionals eager to serve you and also participate in the emergence of Africa.

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