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It’s a fact, today video marketing is that easy!

However, the success of video marketing for companies lies beyond the ability to shoot or produce a video.

The video sharing platform used by any brand is essential to the success of its video marketing strategy and plays a great role in the accomplishment of marketing and company goals at large.

Investing in producing an amazing video marketing strategy yet having it fail because of the wrong choice in video sharing platform is a scenario we wish not to any brand.

Consequently, in this write-up, we will study the best video sharing platforms for business, discuss how they best serve your business/brand, which will be skyrocketing your company to a land of lead generation overflow and tremendous marketing success.


The Vimeo slogan says: The high-quality home to make, share, and watch videos.

That is a brief yet very complete description of what this platform is all about.

Vimeo is often seen as the video sharing platform for creatives.

This is certainly because this video sharing platform was launched in 2004 by a group of filmmakers and is highly used by artists in film, animation, music and other fields of art. In 2007 Vimeo became the first video sharing platform allowing video makers and viewers to enjoy videos in Full HD.

Vimeo provides different membership possibilities to its users. Each membership package has different components and prices. These offers are:

Vimeo Basic:

500MB/week of storage
Unlimited bandwidth in the Vimeo player
Basic video conversion
Password protection
Dashboard video statistics
Basic support from experts in the Vimeo Community

This offer is free and can last for a year with close 25GB of video diffusion.

Vimeo Plus:

5GB/week of storage
Unlimited bandwidth in the Vimeo player
Priority video conversion
Password protection
Private link sharing
Custom reports and filters
Staff email responses in less than 24hours

And many more features for $7 per month.

Vimeo Pro:

No ads before, after, or on top of your videos
Professional workflow and video management tools
Fully ‘customizable’ and ’embeddable’ HTML5 players
Powerful video analytic tools
Up to 20GB of 4K Ultra HD video storage each week
Unlimited bandwidth in the Vimeo player
Customizable profile with cover video
Full SEO visibility
Free lessons and tutorials

These are just a few of its features. This membership is charged at $20 per month.

Ayes of Vimeo:

Vimeo is perfect for creative companies in fields such as motion, graphic designing, filmmaking, video productions, animations, and illustrations.
The quality and bandwidth of Vimeo’s hosting platform are superior to its counterparts. This makes it possible for businesses with a low video marketing budget still be able to obtain a power-packed tool.

Nays of Vimeo:

Vimeo features only videos in Full HD. For any user to have access to videos on this platform, he or she needs to have access to high-speed internet. This infers that any brand with a target audience unable to have constant access to high internet quality speed would not deem it wise to make use of this platform in establishing its video marketing strategy.
For companies relying solely on this platform for their marketing, Vimeo Pro might be weak in helping them generate the leads which will be converted into customers. However, it happens that users of Vimeo Plus do not complain about this factor.
Vimeo has a low capacity for integration. However, with the use of Zapier, you can include your “zaps” into different applications and platforms.


Imagine being able to tell who watched your video, where they watched from, the parts they watched and re-watched, the parts they skipped. This is how Vidyard can help you to optimize your content and produce just want your audience likes. In the field of video sharing platforms, Vidyard wins the race for managing, optimizing, analyzing and integrating videos.

This is the main reason why this video sharing platform appears on our list.

Ayes of VidYard:

This platform is ideal for marketers.
Vidyard has high integration capacities.
Vidyard can transform your regular power point presentation into an originally crafted an interesting video, for the delight of your clients.
This platform provides a wide range of analytic tools that make lead generation a whole lot easier to achieve.
Vidyard can create a great improvement in your company’s conversion rate.
Vidyard has helped a good number of companies market and sell their products better.
This platform puts at the disposal of its users a diligent team ready to serve them and help you achieve your marketing goals.

Nays of Vidyard:

This platform is not exactly what could be considered as “cheap”. However, all its users consider it to be worth it!

Sprout Video

SproutVideo is a video hosting platform providing solutions for small to medium-size businesses. This platform makes it easy to upload video content, create a custom branded video player, add security features and track video engagement and analytics.

In effect, SproutVideo is designed specifically to serve marketers looking in to build or create sophisticated things with their company’s video marketing, while keeping a light budget and flexible payment frame.

Ayes of SproutVideo:

This video platform is quite easy to use and its implementation is very straightforward.
The analytics provided here are detailed and are tailored to provide business value.
This platform customizes your audience video experiences that match perfectly with your branding guidelines.
SproutVideo has designed their video hosting platform specifically to serve marketers.
SproutVideo is built in with a lead generation facility that has a consequence to increase the ROI of every company making use of this platform.

Nays of SproutVideo:

This platform is not designed to handle large volumes of content from one single user.
Sprout’s support options may be too limited for extremely demanding organizations.
Video delivery and content delivery networks may be limited in certain geographic locations.
Video player customization options may be limited for certain use cases.


It is well known, YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. YouTube provides advertising and free streaming (granted you haven’t monetized your channel) for all videos you host on the platform.

YouTube allows you to present multiple videos to your viewers, increasing the amount of content viewed by each one.

YouTube even has a training center with multiple tools that integrate with your YouTube account to improve on its feature set.

Some of these tools are:

  • TubeBuddy
  • SocialBlade
Ayes of YouTube:

YouTube is more than a search engine and video hosting platform, it is equally a social network where you can build an offsite community and make great use of it.
YouTube is perfect for companies in the field of; gaming, lifestyle, entertainment, and education.
YouTube provides for its user’s support for scripting/theming extensions from web browsers such as; Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome; an HTML5 or Flash player; live streaming; and 4K 60FPS videos
This platform support HD files.
For basics YouTube is free!

Nays of YouTube:

YouTube lacks in-depth analytics as compared to other video marketing platforms.
YouTube will find it very difficult to compete against the other contenders when it comes to video marketing due to lack of analytic tools and integration capacities.


This is a video sharing platform with a rich set of features that could help any sales and marketing professional get the best out of video marketing.

Wistia offers solutions that are tailored for a variety of video purposes like marketing, sales, customer support, and even HR and recruitment to name a few.

After you have made use of your freemium package, Wistia allows you to purchase a Pro package charged at $99 a month that allows you to unleash features like:

  • Call to Actions
  • Email Collectors
  • Video Heatmaps
  • Turnstile Forms
  • Viewing Trends
  • Chapters
  • Password
  • Heatmaps
Ayes of Wistia:

Wistia is originally built for the purpose of business.
Wistia integrates with all the big marketing automation platforms such as HubSpot, Marketo, Pardot, and Zendesk
They have a good selection of add-ons and extensions into Chrome and Gmail allowing you to easily access your videos from Chrome as you can equally insert your videos in your emails.
Wistia is very easy to use and has a good number of great training videos on their site making it straightforward.

Nays of Wistia:

The cost of all these advantages is quite expensive. However, when making full use of what this platform has to offer, it makes the cost worth it.


“No matter you do, your job is to tell a story” – Gary Vaynerchuck

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