With the dawn of the digital age, businesses from around the world are revising their communication strategy, to adopt to the new technology darling; explainer video. This age brings with it tons of opportunities for the swift and agile. On the other hand it holds punishment for those who are slow to act, adapt and innovate.

At the forefront of this revolution is video marketing.

Video marketing is exponentially gaining in popularity among top marketers and the African continent has not been left behind.
Here are three reasons why the most successful African businesses are making us of explainer videos in their communication strategy.





Explainer videos are effective to explain new products, services or ideas.

Led by passion, most technology companies like to believe they are best at explaining what they do. But this is not always they case, Many tech companies and their owners get lost into explaining the technology and functional aspect of their product or service, neglecting the most important question of their audience ; “What is in there for me”. And when this question is not answered, the entire presentation becomes a flop!

This is certainly an experience you can resonate with. We understand you must be thinking you’ve “tried it all” . But let’s see how explainer videos can help you out with it task.

Explainer videos combine audio and visuals to deliver a sensory rich experience that elevates the emotions of your audience and grabs their attention.

Explainer videos break down complex processes and make it easy for your audience to understand the problem your product solves or the way your service works, in a snap. And since no one has time for long blocks of text, great explanations in short bursts work perfectly.



Explainer videos build trust and establish credibility

Explainer videos are essentially made to engage with your audience.

Through an explainer video, the gap between your brand and your audience is erased. Through an explainer video, it is easy for your brand to engage with your target audience on an emotional level, because your true value proposition is made clear and concise through illustrated images and a short clear message.

A great explainer video relates your pain to your audience and describes the solution your provide.

Explainer videos also demonstrate to your audience how you solve their problems and gives them a clear picture of the happy state they will be in after they make use of your solution.
All of this builds trust and your people will buy from you when they trust you.



Explainer videos improve SEO rankings

Truth is, Google ranks websites with video content first. This will allow you to appear at the top of SEO ranking. As much, your website traffic will be higher, which will increase your engagement and sales.

On the other hand, if visitors don’t spend time on your site, google recommends you less and you drop in search result rankings.

Academic research indicates that 91% of searchers do not go past page 1 of the search results and over 50% do not go past the first 3 results on page 1.

Ideally, you want to be the first mention in search results or at least be on the first page.

Having an explainer video on your website therefore increases your company’s website traffic and skyrockets your search engine optimization.

This will allow your business enjoy greater visibility, traffic end definitely more sales.




We know these are only a few reasons why African businesses can’t get of explainer videos.

Do you have more reasons to share with us? We’d be honored to read your comment!